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About Parair

Based at Parafield, Parair Pty Ltd has been established for over 43years and can claim to being one of the more successful flying syndicates in Australia.
Our current aircraft VH MHI is a Piper Archer 2 which is maintained to the highest standard to NVFR, fitted with all the usual instruments, dual comms with intercom and auto pilot.
The group is limited to 20 shareholders many who rarely fly and so the aircraft is available to fly by members mostly whenever they wish to. Even for longer trips away this is usually accommodated with a little advance notice.
Current hourly rate for our aircraft is $150 on tacho time. This charge covers all fuel and maintenance costs and provision for engine/prop replacement.
We also charge each member $75 per month to cover fixed costs such as Parafield parking,Landing, Tower fees, Insurance etc.

As all members are shareholders in the not for profit company, the benefits of shared ownership are, reduced flying costs, a better maintained aircraft as only members may operate our aircraft, and a common bond with like minded fellow aviators. In fact our rates compare favorably with even recreation type aircraft when payload and airspace restrictions are taken into account. The only restrictions to flying our aircraft is the pilot must hold a current RPL or above and it must not be used for commercial operations.
Bookings are done online, along with any notices or news on our own dedicated website.
To join the Parair group a share needs to be purchased from someone willing to sell. These come available from time to time as members circumstances change. The cost of a share is agreed between the buyer and seller and have been traded at around $5000 of late, being approx 1/20th of the value of the total company assets.
If you wish to join Parair or make further enquiries please email via the contact form box or call the secretary on 0490939970